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Older Engineer Training Apprentices OEngineer Training Apprentices On CNC Machinen CNC Machine.
Online Education Course

Professional Development

Provide comprehensive online training programs tailored for your HR, managerial, and marketing teams, focusing on the essential 'Age-Friendly Principles and Practices.' Our courses are designed to equip your staff with invaluable knowledge and skills, ensuring they understand and implement age-inclusive strategies in their respective roles. Elevate your workforce's capabilities by fostering a workplace culture that embraces diversity and supports individuals of all ages.

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Age 50+ Employee Outreach

  • Branding: Create an enhanced Profile page for your organization
  • Messaging: Acquire credentials to respond to employee reviews
  • Talent Acquisition: Post jobs and send geo-targeted email campaigns to generate job seeker interest in your organization's open positions
  • Outplacement: Customize a phased retirement package, including employee outplacement counseling with accredited coaches
  • Benefit: For your older adult (age 50+) employees, offer complimentary premium membership in (normally $10/year)

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Age 50+ Consumer Outreach

  • Apply for Certification as an Age-Friendly Product and Service Provider
  • Conduct research using our nationally-representative (US) panel of 1.4 million older (age 50+) adults
  • Promote a product or service to age 50+ consumers on

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