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Online Professional Development Course

Age-Friendly Principles & Practices

Over two decades, as world demographics began shifting to an older society, experts in NGOs (non-governmental organizations), non-profits and the private sector established a set of age-friendly standards designed to improve the quality of life for older adults.  There are now thousands of participating organizations that have stepped up to meet these standards in the pursuit of making themselves more age-friendly.

The "Age-Friendly Principles & Practices" course consists of three sections. The first is about age-friendly cities and communities, the second is about age-friendly employers and the third is about age-friendly care. After each section, you’ll be asked to take a short, 10-question quiz. You must pass each quiz in order to move on to the next section. In order to receive your ‘Age-Friendly Advisor’ designation and Certificate, you’ll also complete and pass a final exam.

The course host, Age-Friendly Institute President Tim Driver, and presenters are among the age-friendly movement’s originators.

We use a ‘train the trainer’ approach. That means we explain the history of the movement and give you background on these age-friendly standards and rubrics, so you can in turn train older adults and their families or supporters on where to find relevant solutions in or nearby their towns.

This course is available only to qualified participants. Contact us to learn how your organization can participate in this course. 



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Alexandre Kalache

Age-Friendly Institute, Int'l
Longevity Ctr., Formerly with WHO 


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Bill Coleman

Age-Friendly Institute


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Terry Fulmer

John A. Hartford Foundation

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Charlie Baker

Former Governor, Massachusetts
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Marty Walsh

Former Secretary of Labor, US
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Yetta Toliver

Global Head of Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging, Xerox
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Sam Kennedy

President & CEO, Boston Red Sox
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Ardeshir Hashmi

Chair for Geriatric Innovation, Cleveland Clinic
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Anne Pohnert

DNP, RN, FNP-BC, Lead Director of Clinical Quality, CVS MinuteClinic
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