Array of older adults across ages and ethnicity.

We're harnessing the transformative power of the internet to amplify the voices of older adults.

Data insights from our core initiatives can help deliver age-friendly programs and services that truly reflect the needs and wants of older adults.

Our Three Core Initiatives:

AgeFriendly website - resources for older adults.

A Website Created For and With Older Adults

We created the consumer website to uplift all things age-friendly. User-generated peer ratings and reviews sites exist in many categories to promote authenticity, create trust and influence decisions. Finally, a comparable site exists for older adults at


Certified Age Friendly EmployerTM

A Program that Recognizes Age-Friendly Workplaces

For eighteen years, our Certified Age Friendly Employer (CAFE) program has been the world's leading initiative that recognizes organizations committed to being the best places to work for employees 50+. The program assists employees and older job seekers by identifying age-friendly employers.


The Age-Friendly Ecosystem

A Multi-Sector Initiative to Accelerate Age-Friendly Impact

Age-friendly practitioners are doing transformational work in cities and communities, universities, health care systems, the employment and public health sectors around the world. We are working with partners to develop shared language that describes what it means to be age-friendly in all settings and provides a framework for cross-sector collaborative action and measurable impact.

Together We Can Elevate All Things Age-Friendly

Elevate Listen Amplify Inform.

Championing Age-Friendly Employers: Voices of Support from Influential Leaders

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Discover a shared vision for inclusive workplaces as former Governor of Massachusetts, Charlie Baker, United States Secretary of Labor, Marty Walsh, and Chief Human Resource Officer for Massachusetts, Jeff McCue, take the stage to laud the groundbreaking efforts of the Age-Friendly Institute and the Certified Age-Friendly Employer Program. These influential leaders highlight the transformative impact of age-friendly initiatives on the workforce, emphasizing the importance of fostering environments that honor diversity and experience. Watch the chorus of support as these prominent figures champion a future where age is not a barrier but a valued asset in the professional landscape.

Interested in Helping to Transform Aging?

We are working with practitioners and partners from age-friendly initiatives all over the world.

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