Case Studies

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Case Studies

The following case studies focus on key business metrics around attracting and retaining talent, culture, brand and diversity.  These are among the leading reasons why Harvard Business Review stated that the CAFE designation confers advantages in the marketplace'.

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Talent Acquisition

20% Application Rate Increase When Seal Displayed

Our methodology for testing this rate increase is to compare the application rate for employers posting on sites such as Indeed and when the 'age-friendly' seal IS displayed on a job posting versus when it IS NOT displayed.  We run these tests periodically -- most recently, with a large national retail firm.  The application rate lift on average is 19.7%.  When the retailer invested $75,000 on a recruitment campaign, the application rate increase resulted in 2,955 more candidate applications, with a market value of $14,775.  Our evidence corroborates surveys on the same topic. For example, you can see here that nearly all older adult survey respondents (97%) state they're "more likely to choose or recommend" an employer when the employer is designated as 'age-friendly'.

Best Practice: Display seal on job postings.
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Talent Retention

3x Longer Tenure of Age 50+ Employees (Correlating with Lower Turnover)

Employers value the longer tenure of older adult employees. It's known from government data (BLS) that the tenure of age 50+ employees is three times the tenure of employees under age 50. We validated these government data with CAFE members, and proved that older adult employees who are sourced, for example via, remain with an employer 3x longer than the average. The most recent tests were conducted in partnership with a leading international in-home elder care agency. This low-turnover rate is a key reason why employers with turnover challenges turn to older workers, and in turn, to CAFE, and other sources of older adult talent. The CAFE seal has been viewed more than 130,000,000 times. is the #1 job site for people age 50+. McKinsey & Co. analysts correlate low turnover rates with higher customer satisfaction and store profitability.

Best Practice: Display seal on internal employee communications.

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