CAFE Virtual Workshop.

Employer Virtual Workshop: Best Practices for Age-Friendly Employers

AGE Is Now Included In Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DE&I) Programs – What Are Best Practices And How Should You Prioritize Them?

Learn valuable and actionable tips from fellow senior HR, Talent Acquisition, Compensation and Benefits peers and the leaders of the CAFE program, which is now marking its 15th year! What does it mean to be an age-friendly employer? Do you have an employee resource group (ERG) for older adults? If so, what programming are you including for this cohort? How are you handling the age-friendly message to current and future employees, customers and investors? What about the implications for younger employees? We’ll share Insights on the future of phased retirement programs, and fresh research on how COVID is impacting employee and employer behavior when it comes to retirement. Don’t miss the opportunity to collaborate and be out front on this critical topic.

More information and registration details can be found HERE

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