Boston Globe Op-Ed.

Age-Friendly Institute Op-Ed in the Boston Globe

Why employers should recruit and retain older adults

By Tim Driver, Jody Shue and Alice Bonner

“In our roles with the Age-Friendly Institute and, we’ve found that there are three main reasons why employers choose to recruit and retain older adults: to reduce turnover, to improve customer satisfaction, and to augment diversity initiatives.”

In order to help older workers connect with employers who value what they bring to the table, we launched the Certified Age Friendly Employer program 15 years ago. To earn the “age-friendly” designation, organizations must meet our criteria across a dozen categories related to compensation, benefits, and workplace culture. We conduct quantitative reviews of these categories and others and review qualitative evidence about C-suite commitment to hiring and retaining employees as well as creating an environment that is respectful of workers 50-plus. CAFE program participants now also include tech and creative firms, where age bias was once believed to be the most entrenched.”

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