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Certified Age-Friendly Employer (CAFE) Program Expands Globally, Adding Employers In North America, Europe, South America and Australia

  • Surveys reveal nine out of 10 age 50+ employees more likely to stay at, or choose to join, an employer when it is designated as age-friendly
  • By adopting CAFE Program best practices and standards, hundreds of employers are raising awareness and addressing their cultural and multi-generational workforce needs
  • New additions include organizations that serve older adults as customers and which also want to lead by example

WALTHAM, MA, USA — January 8, 2024 — The Age Friendly-Institute today announced its first Certified Age-Friendly Employers and affiliate partners in Australia, Spain and Mexico, as the program continues its expansion, raises awareness and makes it easier for people to work longer on a global scale.  Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) became the first Australian organization to earn this distinction, while Eaton became the first in Mexico. The designation recognizes organizations that promote access to opportunities for employees as they age, and that prioritize the inclusion and participation of older adults in all aspects of the workplace.

Age-Friendly Institute President Tim Driver said “longevity is a global phenomenon, and we’re delighted to welcome organizations such as CBA and Eaton into the network of forward-thinking employers.  When we help older people continue to live, work, and volunteer in our communities, we all benefit from their energy, experience, and contributions. As employers, CBA and Eaton have demonstrated that they deeply value the contributions of older adults, and today’s designations affirm that approach.”

The Certified Age-Friendly Employer (CAFE) Program and Network, developed by a team of analysts and professionals with specializations in compensation, benefits and HR, began establishing best practices for being an age-friendly employer in 2006. There are hundreds of employers in the program across all industries, including both the private and public sectors.  Recent additions include those that serve older adults as customers, such as in healthcare, consumer packaged goods, in-home care, senior living and tourism.

Also leading the spate of new designees worldwide are local governments at the city, county and state levels (e.g., Los Angeles County [release], Boulder, Minneapolis, Cincinnati, Maine and Massachusetts [release]).  Mayors, governors and leaders of these organizations seek to lead by example, encouraging employers in their jurisdictions to employ older adults because it contributes to better health, economic security and community engagement.

“CBA’s achievement as the first company in Australia to receive this designation is a great indicator that Australia’s leading companies are taking the benefits of age inclusion more seriously,” notes David Tarr, CEO of Maturious, an organization that has been pioneering the development of age-positive workplaces and employment for mature age workers and one of the Age Friendly Institute’s program partners in Australia.   The CAFE program also welcomes Genera Talent, its new affiliate serving markets in Spain and Mexico.  Affiliates and referral partners in Canada, Brazil and New Jersey are rapidly expanding employer participation in the program in their areas as well.

Older adults prefer employers designated as age-friendly.  In a survey via, more than 500 older adult respondents were asked to share their opinion about such employers.  87% said they were ‘highly likely’ or ‘very likely’ to stay at an employer with the designation.  89% said they were ‘highly likely’ or ‘very likely’ to choose or recommend such an employer.  The survey was conducted in 2021 and was a nationally representative sample of age 50+ adults in the U.S.

About The Age-Friendly Institute
The Age-Friendly Institute ( celebrates and elevates all things age-friendly. It is a division of Age Friendly Ventures, a public benefit corporation.  Its consumer website was created to simplify the confusing landscape for older adults and families as they navigate aging and to give voice to their experiences. brings together expert-developed systems for establishing what is age-friendly with reviews, ratings and insights from older adults and family caregivers. Through its worldwide research and events, the Institute encourages cross-sector collaboration among aging services organizations in pursuit of a comprehensive Age-Friendly Ecosystem. The Age-Friendly Institute is also the home of the Certified Age Friendly Employer (CAFE) program, which began as part of in 2006.

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