Age Is Now A Strategic Imperative: An Employers Guide To Engaging Older Workers by The Encore Network

“Aging is transforming our workplace because it brings a diverse set of experiences, perspectives, and skills that can help businesses stay competitive and innovative.” – John Chambers, Former CEO of Cisco Systems

The Encore Network has launched a breakthrough resource to help employers engage older workers. Over the past 10 years, research has made a compelling case for the value of older workers, yet many employers haven’t received the message. This is partly because the research comes from scattered sources and, until now, has not been organized into an easy-to-use format. The Age-Friendly Employers Guide solves that problem, presenting a summary of key information with links to resources that enable a deeper dive.

The Age-Friendly Institute is proud to sponsor this guide. The Age-Friendly Institute harnesses the power of the internet to amplify the voices of older adults. For 15 years, their Certified Age Friendly Employer (CAFE) program has led the way in recognizing organizations committed to being the best places to work for employees 50+.

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