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Age-Friendly Institute Adds 50 Organizations to Certified Age-Friendly Employer (CAFE) Program, including the State of Maine

  • Chief Human Resource Officers (CHROs) lead effort to drive expansion of their DE&I, talent acquisition and talent retention efforts
  • Policy makers see benefits to their economies: More people working leads to productivity gains along with healthier, more financially secure older adults
  • State of Maine, the oldest state in the country by median age, joins state governments mobilizing to help older adults

WALTHAM, Mass., USA — March 23, 2023 — The Age-Friendly Institute announced the addition of 50 employers to its Certified Age-Friendly Employer (CAFE) program.  The recent additions include organizations from all major sectors of the economy, including the public sector.   The State of Maine became the second state in the United States, after the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, to be designated as age-friendly.

The Certified Age-Friendly Employer (CAFE) Program, developed by a team of analysts and professionals with specializations in compensation, benefits and HR, began establishing best practices for an age-friendly employer in 2006.  Older adults too frequently find their age negatively affects their chances of finding or keeping a job.  With the CAFE program, now international in scope, they know whose doors to knock on first when it comes to finding employment.

“This is a win-win-win situation.  It helps older adults, employers and government leaders seeking to grow their tax base,” said Age Friendly Institute President Tim Driver.  “Older adults stay healthy by staying engaged.  They add to, and subtract less from, their nest eggs.  Employers expand their diversity efforts, acquire and keep valuable talent.  Economies expand because there are more people in the workforce contributing to productivity.”

“As the second largest employer in the state, Maine State Government is in a position to be a leader by embracing an age-friendly work environment,” said Kirsten Figueroa, Commissioner of the Department of Administrative and Financial Services for the State of Maine. “We’re leading by example and making good on one of the key strategies of the Governor’s Cabinet on Aging: to bring together government agencies to advance policies that explore and promote strategies for retaining and attracting older workers in the workforce to leverage skills and experience.”

Other organizations added in the last 12 months include those listed here.

About The Age-Friendly Institute
Founded in 2019, the Age-Friendly Institute ( elevates all things age-friendly.  Its consumer website was created to simplify the confusing landscape for older adults and families as they navigate aging and to give voice to their experiences. brings together expert-developed systems for establishing what is age-friendly with reviews, ratings and insights from older adults and family caregivers.  Through its research and events, the Institute encourages cross-sector collaboration among aging services organizations in pursuit of a comprehensive Age-Friendly Ecosystem.  The Age-Friendly Institute is also the home of the Certified Age Friendly Employer (CAFE) program.  The CAFE Program began as part of in 2006.

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