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What Makes a Town or City Age-Friendly?

To wrap up this series, we sum up your answers to the one question asked most widely on this site: what makes a particular town or city age-friendly? We hope this piece helps readers assess and review the towns and cities you each call home. As always, let us know if you have anything to add in the comments below.

Friendly, neighborly culture with strong sense of community

  • People that say hello to you when you walk down the street
  • An abundance of social groups and public gathering areas for them to meet in.
  • Closely knit neighbors

Job opportunities

  • Employers that older people have to supplement their income, and can perform as well if not better than some of the younger generation.
  • Age friendly job opportunities

Entertainment, fitness, education

  • They have different activities for people of all ages. Places to go for entertainment.
  • Low-cost, no-cost quality music and cultural performances of interest to all ages; Excellent low-cost, no-cost public recreational/fitness facilities with specialized programming and coaching for older residents; Excellent public library

A Senior or Community Center

  • Community Center to foster kind of respect by learning from senior people people experiences such as how to overcome their difficulties; any relationships at work or home, agony, happiness, sense of accomplishments or financial burden
  • Having places for people to meet up – so any type of center that caters to this.
  • Senior citizen centers which host yoga and other fitness programs


  • Having a mix of ages that are open to different views.
  • In my mind what makes a town or city office age friendly is the opportunity for young and old to live near one another and work together sharing new and old ideas.

Access to public transit and medical care

  • Medical facilities. Mass Transport system.
  • Excellent, affordable mass transit
  • Access to dependable transportation (van service)
  • Good public transportation
  • Ample healthcare facilities (primary care, hospitals, specialists)

Respect for elders

  • The elderly are respected rather than put on the back-burner.
  • The understanding by all age groups that there is something to learn from all age groups.
  • Respect.  Don’t treat seniors like they are senile fools.
  • No discrimination against those over 50.
  • A place where they treat seniors the same as any other person. And not treat them as they are good for nothing but sitting around.
  • Where people 60 and older are treated with respect and not passed over.


  • I think age friendly would entail making accommodations for age-related physical challenges.
  • Well-lit ramps and walkway.  Hand rails, where possible. Mobility scooters, where possible.
  • Food delivery, home health care
  • Having everything handicap accessible as we get older.

Cost of living

  • Low cost of living (housing, taxes, public services)
  • Affordable housing for elderly
  • Affordable cost of living

Outdoor space

  • I would like to see more small walkable parks, coffee shops, small affordable diners and shops within walking distance.
  • Green/open spaces, parks
  • County parks with well-maintained trails
  • Open spaces with walking trails

Religious communities

  • Churches
  • Volunteers from church
  • Quite a few churches
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