Press Release Announcement. launches Nursing Home Ratings and Reviews Engine

Looking for a quality nursing home? Want to share your opinion about a nursing home? Non-profit launches ratings & reviews resource on to help older adults and family caregivers select the best nursing home to meet their needs

  • The consumer website is a one-stop resource for all things age-friendly
  • Website now includes quality ratings for U.S. Nursing Homes, plus a showcase of facilities recognized as “age-friendly”
  • Older adults and family members are encouraged to provide feedback about “what matters” most

WALTHAM, Mass., September 27, 2022 — The Age-Friendly Institute announces the launch of a Nursing Home ratings and reviews engine on its website Features include a listing for each of the country’s 12,500 Nursing Homes, including Medicare five-star quality ratings and crowd-sourced reviews from a fast-growing community of older adults and family caregivers.

Age-Friendly Institute Executive Director Jody Shue said “we’re laser focused on developing tools to help older adults and families find the care that’s best for them.  We started with Hospitals and are pleased to add Nursing Homes.”  The John A. Hartford Foundation President Terry Fulmer, the lead funder of this initiative, echoes this sentiment, remarking that “older adults now have a powerful tool to compare and comment on whether Nursing Homes are focused on what matters most as we age. With increased input from older adults, age-friendly healthcare will continue to grow and become the standard of care.”

Age-Friendly Institute Board Member Alice Bonner leads the Moving Forward Coalition, an initiative to improve nursing home quality. She remarks that “we need feedback and insights from older adults and families to help guide critically important quality improvement initiatives. is a valuable tool in this work, allowing us to hear from and listen to older adults at scale.”

About The Age-Friendly Institute

Founded in 2019, the Age-Friendly Institute celebrates and elevates all things age-friendly.  Its consumer website was created to simplify the confusing landscape for older adults and families as they navigate aging and to give voice to their experiences. brings together expert-developed systems for establishing what is age-friendly with reviews, ratings and insights from older adults and family caregivers.  Through its research and events, the Institute encourages cross-sector collaboration among aging services organizations in pursuit of a comprehensive Age-Friendly Ecosystem.  The Age-Friendly Institute is also the home of the Certified Age Friendly Employer (CAFE) program.

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