Certified Age-Friendly Product and Service Provider Program

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The Age-Friendly Institute's Certified Age Friendly Product and Service Provider program is a vetting system that applies six shared characteristics identified in the Age-Friendly Ecosystem. The ecosystem began nearly 20 years ago with Employment (est. in 2006 by the Age-Friendly Institute), Communities (est. in 2007 by the World Health Organization) and Health (est. in 2015 by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement and John A. Hartford Foundation). The shared characteristics were developed through a structured process by more than 50 aging services leaders from over 25 organizations in 6 countries. Product and Service Providers are additionally vetted using generally-accepted quality and customer satisfaction standards. Members of their staff are trained in Age-Friendly Principles & Practices.

Is Age-Friendly Certification Right for Your Product or Service?

Factors Applied to a Certified Age-Friendly Product and Service Provider:

  • General Commitment
  • Coordination and Fit with Characteristics of Age-Friendly Ecosystem
  • Workforce Training and Development
  • Generally-Accepted Quality and Customer Satisfaction Standards
  • Business Stability
  • Customer Marketing & Advertising
  • Products & Services

See additional detail on categories and factors

Age-Friendly Program Benefits for Product and Service Providers:

  • Align authentically and independently with the age-friendly movement
  • Offer online staff training on 'Age-Friendly Principles & Practices'
  • Obtain license to use ‘Age-Friendly’ seal on marketing collateral 
  • Gain recognition on social media and popular sites such as AgeFriendly.com
  • Sponsor, or include your message in, email messages to millions

The Certification Process

Step 1

Application or Letter of Interest

Product or Service Provider may submit an evaluation application or letter of interest (see contact information at the bottom of this page).

Step 2

Process Review Discussion

An Age-Friendly Institute staff member will contact the organization to explain the Certification program and the evaluation process in its entirety.  Applicants must have prior Certification as Age-Friendly Employer.

Step 3

Evaluation Questionnaire

Participating organizations are asked to submit a confidential questionnaire regarding their product or service. This questionnaire encompasses the seven categories of known best practices related to age-friendly providers.

Step 4

Program Review

The organization's questionnaire submission is reviewed by the Age-Friendly Institute and follow up discussions are held as appropriate to ensure accuracy and validity. Additional material or information may be requested.

Step 5


The certification process typically takes 4-6 weeks after submission of an application. Those organizations who do not receive certification are invited to apply again in one year.

Step 6


Certified providers are listed on AgeFriendly.com and other promotional vehicles. Certified organizations are permitted to place the seal on their own sites and in appropriate marketing collateral.

Step 7

Renewal and Recertification

Recertification is completed every twenty-four months. In this way, employers seeking to maintain the currency of their certification are assured of a scheduled review.

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