New Post Title. Launches Data Series to Amplify the Voices of Older Adults recently launched a new content series designed to showcase the voices of older adults through survey data, videos, and infographics. One goal of the data series is to become a trusted resource for the media, civic leaders, and elected officials by providing timely, relevant insights from older adults. Our team is conducting monthly surveys on topics that impact the lives of older adults such as financial security, healthcare, housing, employment, and business. users are eager to share their experiences: our inaugural survey garnered nearly two thousand responses.  In it, we asked respondents how likely they would be to delay retirement if they had more flexible work options, such as a remote or hybrid office model. A staggering two-thirds of older adults surveyed said that they would work longer if greater flexibility was an option. This new data could have a role in combating ageism and helping people live longer, healthier, financially secure lives. 

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